About Us

 Welcome to RA-mazing.

Our store was started when I, an ex-serviceman and previous bricks and mortar business operator, decided that getting into online business may be easier, better and more rewarding.

Like most people, we were tired of seeing the same products in hundreds of stores and yes, even though we started down that similar road, we could see that "print on demand" items were a better way to go.

After our first 12 months of online marketing we sourced a great company to produce great quality products and high quality printing at affordable prices.  

Here is a quick video of our Print-on-Demand Facility and Process:

Print-on-demand are items that don't sit on a warehouse shelf waiting for someone to purchase, but instead are created once you order. The designs are unique to us and are done by our designers and artists.

This means you are wearing something unique, that is not sold anywhere else.

All purchases are secure and processed through either Paypal or Stripe (your choice). Both are the top rated and most secure methods of accepting payment online. We will always keep your payments, details and information secure and private.

So enjoy RA-mazing and please feel free to email us any questions and one more thing, make sure to send us photos of you wearing our gear and leave a review of your thoughts.

Our support is via email or Facebook Messenger, so that we can respond in a timely manner, 7 days a week. 

Feel free to contact us on ra-mazing@iinet.net.au or via Facebook messenger via our Fanpage R A mazing, INK Obsession or ADF Pussers Diggers and Raafies.


Robert Cole